Today I want to take time to talk about self love and some simple ways to develop more within yourself. We’ve all heard the term “Self Love”, and for some of us it can sound like a daunting concept.

We live in a world where terms like confidence, acceptance, and self love are a battle. They can seem like elusive or mythical sensations. Our society is one that focuses on the landmarks we needs to achieve, all the objects we need to acquire, and goals or success we need to live up to. This creates a lot of pressure in our self perception and ability to look at ourselves with gentle compassion.It’s great to go out and slay your day, reach your goals, and treat yoself! BUT! It is equally important to feed your soul, independent of what the world expects of you.

It is enriching to give yourself at least one moment of self love each day. What you choose is your own, but making it a daily routine will lead to more actions of self love. When we love ourselves we treat the rest of the world and those around us with more love. Over time your daily practices might change as you gravitate to new little adventures and interests.

Here are three self love moments I practice each day:

  1. The Nomheart~ I loves all the foods! About a year ago I began clean eating full time. This was after a few months of easing into it slowly. I wanted to get back to real food, free of processing or synthetic additives. We have access to all of these amazing natural foods from around the world. Why not fill our days and tummies with tasty things nature just creates! I started a daily pause to appreciate all these incredible Noms and recognize what a gift of self nurturing food can be. Once a day I incorporate a heart somewhere on my plate. Often I make it from spices or draw it with a toothpick. It only takes me 30 seconds to a minute (then I chow down!) but it has changed the way I look at food. I don’t see calories or fat grams anymore. I see the time, intention, and nutrition that the tastiness will give me, a.k.a Self Love in the form of Noms!                                                                                                   FullSizeRender (22)                         FullSizeRender (21)
  2. The Self Hug~ There is something so comforting about a good hug, right?! Sometimes when we really need a hug there isn’t anyone immediately there…except there is! You! A couple years ago I began giving myself a hug every morning when I get up. Often it’s part of my yoga practice but sometimes it’s just a big ol hug. I notice when I receive hugs from my partner, friends, and family I enjoy them even more but don’t “need” them as much as I used to. Plus with a self hug there’s no awkward moment of not holding it long enough, you can hold on as long or short  as you wants to!                                                                                                                                                                                                FullSizeRender (19)
  3.  The Skin Snuggle~ Every night before bed I wash my face and follow it up with 1 special skin moment. Sometimes it’s a shiny eye cream, face mask, herbal compress, or a hot towel. It only takes a few minutes and my face is relaxed and ready for sleeptime. Once a week-ish I do a bigger routine of a bath/mask/favorite tea and bliss out to some great tunes.                                                                                                         FullSizeRender (23)


Today I want to encourage you to find a small self love moment of your own creation. AND! Give yourself a hug right now! You might feel a little silly at first but close your eyes, smile at your sillyness (and mine), and take 3 deep breaths.

Mmm. Self Love. So Good.

Have a wonderful day and shine bright. <3




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